Helicopters aren’t just the aircraft you see hovering around breaking news. They can do more than pick people up from rooftops. Daytona Helicopter Services is here to present you with our construction assistance and lifting services.

The helicopters of Daytona Helicopter Services that are prepped and ready to go for every kind of lifting or construction can do many things. Kept at their prime and piloted by trained professionals, no matter what kind of service you’re trying to find in Daytona, Daytona Helicopter Services can find the right fit. Each of our clients can anticipate an entirely customized experience.

You can use any number of ways to inspect the details of your worksite or get a definitive view of your construction project. For construction assistance, we can tell you right now that there is no better method of transportation that can get you a complete aerial view of the big picture. For surveying your project or collecting data, a helicopter can get in and around obstacles that other airborne methods cannot.

As for the heavy lifting, the helicopters of Daytona Helicopter Services can take care of freight shipments by air. As different models have differing capabilities, our service representatives can pair the most suiting aircraft for your needs. While some helicopters can reach a weight capacity at 2,000 pounds, if your cargo does not apply, we always have heavier models at the ready.

This is the kind of experience that is customized from start to finish. For any pick up or drop off site in Daytona, our aircraft can transport you or any freight you designate with ease. Depending on the freight itself, Daytona Helicopter Services has equipment to secure any and all cargo appropriately. Lines of varying lengths, straps, nets… You name it and Daytona Helicopter Services will provide it so that you get exactly what you’re looking for in a helicopter service.

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