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The modern world of helicopter services is teeming with incredible possibilities. Daytona Helicopter Services is devoted to making the most of the opportunities afforded us by the markets we provide service for. This consequently enables us to provide the individuals we come in contact with through our services with a full scale outstanding experience!!

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Daytona Helicopter Charters

Aerial Tours and Charters: Executive Helicopters

What makes chartering a helicopter to transport you to an off the cuff executive meetup advantageous is apparent. It's quick! In our case, it's opportune additionally. With several facilities located throughout the continental US, we can pick you up and transport you anywhere, at anytime.

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Daytona Helicopter Gifts

Aerial Aid: Helicopters in Construction, Topography, General Industry, Civil/Military Aid

Ever since the beginning of time, helicopters have been a significant asset in providing assistance to multiple services and industries. Our capacity to deliver concrete and steel, to conduct soil evaluations, to firefighting and search and rescue, make it possible for us to be both beneficial to industry and mankind.

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Daytona Helicopter Tours

Aerial Tours: Exclusive or Group

This is also demonstrative in the case of our multiple touring options. We provide our clientele with a safe and worry-free way to view the surroundings in a specific area, whether they are alone or accompanied by friends and family.

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Daytona Aerial Photography

Aerial Photographs: Helicopters and Drones

Daytona Helicopter Services utilizes the revolutions in helicopter technologies, traditional and Rc, to ensure you get a perfect shot each time. Drones and traditional helicopters have several features that make snapping the perfect pic extremely easy; their size, effortless ability to hover for prolonged periods of time and nimble steering.

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For Your Enjoyment

We've generated a list of some really cool things you can do in a helicopter, we hope you'll be impressed ... we certainly are:

Helicopters can land pretty much anywhere

There are few landing restrictions on helicopters, in contrast to other aircraft, for that reason they can land where they wish. Interested in a swift taco bell run in a helicopter?

Helicopters can serve as an air dryer

In some remote cases, helicopter pilots have been contacted to dry particular things or areas. For example, greens on golf courses and flowering or fruit trees in orchards.

Helicopters can be used as metal detectors

There have been scenarios where a helicopter has had a large magnet attached to it to fly over a specific area to search for valuables and gold.

Helicopters are the most safe aircraft to fly in bad weather

The ability to slow their speed, stop and hover, and fly sideways and backwards permits better maneuvering in bad weather conditions.

They can carry heavy cargo

There was once a helicopter called the Russian Mil Mi-12 Homer that could conveniently hold up to 88,000 lbs!

Helicopters don't need to pay on toll roads

Because they can fly over the toll booth, obviously!

They can fly over major sporting events

You neglected to buy the NFL Sunday ticket to watch away games throughout football season! Anyone in a helicopter will get the best seating in the house when flying over stadiums to watch major sports events.

Helicopter pilots have multiple job titles.

While all of us are fantasizing about having critical jobs and providing important services, helicopter pilots are out actually participating in important things. They get to work as chauffeurs and transport celebrities to and from impressive events. They get to work as ambulance drivers and transport hurt and ill people to and from hospitals. They work as firefighters by snuffing out fires with water in heli buckets. And given their ability to hover and land on a dime, they may even get to rescue a cat from a tree!

Helicopters are always getting blown up in films

This little tid bit is something we read somewhere and although we're not sure if we believe it or not, we can totally understand why. Helicopters are the most awesome type of aircraft in the world. They don't need a runway to taxi down, they can take off from anywhere and land anywhere. They can even land if their motor stops without incident. Which is moderately like magic! So it's understandable why blowing them up in a film would be a heck of a lot of fun!

We hope we've supplied you with some excellent awareness as to why contacting Daytona Helicopter Services is a phenomenal idea! We have helicopter service agents standing by to address any of your inquiries or concerns. Be sure to ask how Daytona Helicopter Services can help you this gift giving season too!make gift giving impressive and effortless this holiday season!